Aviva phone hacker jailed for 18 months

Aviva phone hacker jailed for 18 months over revenge attack

Esselar co-founder pwned insurance biz after spat with former colleagues

By John Leyden

A senior techie has been jailed for 18 month after he was convicted of hacking into hundreds of phones at insurance firm Aviva, an act of sabotage designed to extract revenge against a firm that supplied security services to the insurance giant.

Richard Neale, 40, pleaded guilty to a hack against Aviva designed to cause maximum embarrassment security for Esselar.

Neale co-founded Esselar in 2009 and was a director of the firm prior to leaving in 2013, following a dispute with his former colleagues over an insurance payment. He left on bad terms and subsequently sold his shares.

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Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/