undertaking a rapid digitalisation

by Peter Armstrong
Many of the world’s leading shipowners and port operators are undertaking a rapid digitalisation of their businesses in the pursuit of greater operational efficiency, profitability and growth.
The increased use of computerised systems for everything from navigation to container inspection has enhanced the safety of mariners and vessels at sea, and improved the efficiency of our ports. But the industry migration towards ‘smart’ ships, systems consolidation and global connectivity has also multiplied the potential impact of – and criminal rewards for – cyber attacks.
Because the present systems were designed for the needs of the 20th century rather than the threats of the 21st century, maritime companies are vulnerable to attacks. Global maritime logistics is highly integrated so it is possible to become a victim without having been the target: any assumptions of low-probability risk will always be flawed because of this high level of integration and the wide reliance on transitory labour that raises the probability of insider threats.
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