Hackers for hire: The dangers of small time cyber-crime

When cyber-criminals start to leverage the full power of the internet, it’s only natural that they would turn to e-commerce to spread their wares, says Grayson Milbourne.
Black market websites have offered a wide array of services aimed at the aspiring cyber-criminal for some time. However, recent attention has been given to a new breed of websites that offer hacking services to a much broader market. Hacking, it would seem, is moving from the realms of the aspiring criminal on the dark web and becoming a mainstream service.
Sites such as hackerslist.com, hackerforhire.org and neighbourhoodhacker.com have developed as anonymous meeting grounds for those seeking hacking services and those willing to provide them for a fee. Even the review site hackerforhirereview.com has sprung up, ostensibly rating such sites for veracity and effectiveness.
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