Deceit As A Defense Against Cyberattacks

A new generation of ‘threat deception’ technology takes the honeypot to a new, enterprise level.
Kelly Jackson Higgins

It’s not technically hacking back, but it’s definitely a more aggressive way to defend your network. A wave of startups and established security firms are offering deception-based security technologies, a sort of next-generation, proactive honeypot approach for enterprises.

Gartner calls this emerging sector “threat deception,” and predicts that 10% of all enterprises by 2018 will employ some form of deception tools and tactics against attackers. These virtual machine or appliance-based tools basically pose as legitimate members of the network–file servers, routers, switches, database servers, and even Internet of Things devices– typically near critical assets such as a point-of-sale system or a server as another layer of defense. They mimic the real system but also detect, analyze and disrupt an attack from getting to a real target.
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