Ex-LulzSec member: 'Hacking is turning something upside down to see how it operates'

If businesses want to avoid the monumental Anonymous and ’50 Days of Lulz’ cybercrime epidemics, young coders need better education on ethics, says ex-LulzSec hacker Tflow.

By Margi Murphy

Ex-LulzSec member ‘Tflow’ implores the UK government to readress its attitude to cyber crime and focus on cultural changes and how devious minds can be used for good.
The former LulzSec member was ten years old when he first began “thinking of ways to break” basic computer programs. He was 18 when handed a 20 month suspended sentence for hacking the likes of games maker EA, News International and Sony’s playstation network.
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Source: http://www.techworld.com/


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