74% of businesses lack protection from mobile data breaches

BYOD and mobile protection on the security agenda.
Many companies have experienced a data breach due to mobile security issues, a new study has suggested.
Research from IDG reported by eWeek found that 38 per cent of respondents said that they experienced data breaches because of software vulnerabilities, whereas 36 per cent said it was due to malware.
As well as this, 82 per cent of those asked said the majority of their corporate data is reachable to users through mobile devices, whereas 95 per cent suggested that data that is on mobile devices or available through them brings an increased risk cyber crime.
Speaking to eWeek, Aaron Cockerill, vice president of products at Lookout, said: “As mobile productivity increases, employees are creating, consuming, sharing and storing more and more corporate data on their smartphones and tablets—everything from email and login credentials to highly sensitive financial reports.”
Mr Cockerill went on to say that data needs to be kept secure whether it is mobile or not, and  companies must raise awareness about how mistakes can put their business at risk.
The study found that 58 per cent of those questioned were aware of the security ramifications of using their personal mobile for work, though 85 per cent admitted they use their handset for potentially dangerous activities regardless.
Some 90 per cent said that they are making mobile security a priority in order to increase investments in the area across the next year.
Businesses need to make sure that they properly educate their workforce around data security to guarantee that they put the right measures in place to stop people from compromising private information.
Source: http://www.krollontrack.co.uk

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