Cybercrime is getting personal

Cybercrime is getting personal.  One in five victims of cybercrime think they were specifically targeted by fraudsters.
·         Only 38% of victims of cybercrimes think it was down to bad luck
·         Over a third of victims felt vulnerable following the attack
·         UK public lost £286 million to cybercrimes in the last 12 months
·          ‘It’s Always Personal’ theme for Get Safe Online Week 2015
The UK public has been left feeling vulnerable following an increase in highly personalised cybercrimes. In a specially commissioned survey* for this, our tenth annual Get Safe Online Week, over one in five (21%) victims of a cybercrime believe they were specifically targeted by fraudsters and over a third (37%) were left feeling vulnerable as a result. Only 38% of the victims believed that the incident was down to bad luck and over half (57%) think it’s becoming much easier to fall victim to an online crime.
*Survey of 2,000 people by OnePoll
It’s always personal
Our survey went on to show that over a quarter of victims (26%) had been scammed by phishing emails or ‘vishing’ phone calls. These are a much more targeted type of scam where the fraudster uses data about the victim pieced together from various sources such as social media and intercepted correspondence to sound convincing, and manipulates them into sharing confidential information linked to online accounts.
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