Warning over computer takeover fraud

Fraudsters were impersonating major companies to steal money.

A spate of scams in which criminals use technology to take over victims’ computers has been reported by an anti-fraud group.

Financial Fraud Action, a body set up by the financial services industry, said that fraudsters were impersonating major companies to steal money.
They claim they are fixing a slow internet connection, but trick firms into allowing funds to be transferred.
Some claim to be calling as a result of recent high-profile data breaches.
“You should never let someone else have access to your computer remotely, especially if they have contacted you via an unsolicited phone call,” said Katy Worobec, director of Financial Fraud Action UK.
“If you are in doubt, then call the organisation back on a number you trust; if they are legitimate they will understand.”
While “working” on the internet fault, the fraudster claims the victim is entitled to compensation and asks them to log into their bank account.
The scammers still have access to the computer and will put up a fake screen which makes it appear the money has arrived. Working in the background, they will take money from the victim’s bank account.
Financial Fraud Action said that con-artists were preying on concerns over recent data breaches. Hacks have compromised businesses such as Talk Talk, Sony and Carphone Warehouse.
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/