Bridging the Gap Between Executive Cyber Awareness and Enterprise Security

The fact of the matter is that non-technical executives are often in control of the purse strings.

Matt Middleton-Leal UK and Ireland Director, CyberArk

In many organizations today, keeping pace with the rate of emerging cyber-threats is placing a tremendous strain on IT security teams. They must keep one step ahead of motivated and sophisticated attackers, while communicating the risks and necessary response to executive leadership.
Indeed, as cyber-attacks continue to grow in aggression and impact, CEOs and boards are increasingly being held accountable, often publicly, for the security posture of their organisation. However, our own research has found that while 60% of respondents believe their organisation could be breached, one third of CEOs and 43% of management teams are still not regularly briefed on cybersecurity issues and the related business risks. This gap between awareness and effective security programmes can leave many organizations vulnerable to attack.
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