2016 Watch: Advanced EKs, Malware and Encrypted Hacks

The emerging threats in cyber crime.

Tara Seals

According to the Dell Security Annual Threat Report detailing the cybercrime trends that shaped 2015, there are four key developing trends in cybercrime. These are: The evolution of exploit kits to stay one step ahead of security systems; a continued surge in SSL/TLS encryption that is giving cyber-criminals more opportunities to conceal malware from firewalls; the continued rise of Android malware; and a marked increase in the overall number of malware attacks.
Exploit kits have evolved with alarming speed, heightened stealth and novel shape-shifting abilities, the report contests. While the yearÂ’s most active kits were Angler, Nuclear, Magnitude and Rig, the overwhelming number of exploit kit options gave attackers a steady stream of opportunities to target the latest zero-day vulnerabilities, including those appearing in Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Silverlight.
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Source: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/