Cybersecurity: The steps every board member and C-suite professional should be taking now

Just 8 per cent of non-exec directors are regularly updated on the types of threats that are pertinent to their businesses.

Chris Brauer

Cybercrime is as natural and irresistible a force of digital socioeconomic life as earthquakes are to the physical world. Left unaddressed, vulnerabilities in cybersecurity can hamper the pace of digital innovation, batter shareholder confidence and public trust, and ultimately open the ground beneath your feet, swallowing up your organisation.

Overcoming the threat boils down to two things: accepting that you will be breached (awareness) and the ability to do something (readiness). It is easy to understand the distinction between these in our own lives. You know that you should have anti-virus software on your device, but are you ready to be hacked? Are you ready to contain the damage of digital identity theft?

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