Insider Threats Are Ubiquitous and Undetected

Insider threat events are ubiquitous—and usually go undetected by in-place security measures.

Tara Seals

That’s the word from the Imperva Defense Center’s March Hacker Intelligence Initiative Report: Insiders: The Threat is Already Within. The research was conducted using a combination of machine learning-based behavioral analysis and deception technology to live production data and networks. Machine learning was used to analyze detailed activity logs of the data accessed by insiders. Deception technology added context to the analysis by identifying anomalies indicative of compromised end-points and user credentials. This deeper level of insight proved critical for finding true insider threats within a sea of anomalies.

Based on the studied environments and follow-on analysis, the researchers found that insider threat events were present in 100% of the studied environments, confirming suspicions that insider abuse of data is routinely undetected, be they malicious, compromised or just careless insiders.

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