A Third of Exec Mobiles Are Exposed to Hackers

Exposure to network threats and malware are still very high.

By Tara Seals

Executives, on average, use more devices, and access more sensitive data from their mobile devices, at all hours and from wherever they are. As a result, research has revealed that in the second quarter, 32.5% of executive devices were exposed to network attack.

Skycure’s Mobile Threat Intelligence Report for the Q2 2016 timeframe noted that malicious hackers have been shifting their focus from a broad spam-type strategy to more targeted and financially motivated exploits, and their primary targets are executives. This whaling epidemic has meant that executives tend to be a bit more security conscious than the general population, with slightly higher rates of using passcodes to lock their devices and faster adoption of OS security updates. In fact, 7.5% more executives use device passcodes than non-executives, and 16.2% more executives were updated to the latest Android version than non-executives.

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Source: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/