90% of Orgs Record Exploits for Vulnerabilities More than Three Years Old

By Michael Hill

A new report from Fortinet has revealed that, in Q2 2017, 90% of organizations recorded exploits for vulnerabilities that were three or more years old. Even after 10 or more years following a flaw’s release, 60% of companies still experienced related attacks, the firm discovered.

“This is highly concerning,” Richard Absalom, senior analyst at Information Security Forum, told Infosecurity. “Organizations are still not getting to grips with well-known vulnerabilities and taking basic steps (e.g. patching) to reduce them. A number of factors might cause such slow reactions: from infosec departments being under-resourced, to organizations running old systems that would need to be temporarily shut down in order to be patched.”

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Source: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/