How Manufacturers can Manage Growing Cybersecurity Risks

How Manufacturers can Manage Growing Cybersecurity Risks

With a heavy reliance on technology and the advent of Industry 4.0, today’s manufacturing companies are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. From design and supply chain to component manufacturing, assembly and shipping, manufacturers are increasingly reliant on enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and other company-wide technology to manage the product lifecycle. Any disruption to those systems, or compromise of data, could disrupt company operations – with significant costs.

Imagine, for instance, how much damage a competitor could do if it got its hands on your intellectual property – if it got the schematics for your product, then turned around and manufactured it at a lower cost. That could drive you out of business. Imagine how many hours, or days, production might be halted by the disruption of just a single system.

By Jorge Rey

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