Uber Fined $148m for Breach Cover-Up

Uber Fined $148m for Breach Cover-Up

Attempting to cover up a data breach was a failed mission for Uber, who yesterday announced that it has agreed to a $148m settlement. The fine for its 2016 data breach and cover-up sends a strong message not only to Uber but to organizations across all sectors that data breaches – whether disclosed or not – come at a hefty price.

Companies can no longer get away with poor cybersecurity and sweeping incidents under the carpet,” said Rob Shapland, principal cybersecurity consultant at Falanx Group. “I would expect many companies will have tried to hide the fact that they’ve been breached, especially given the size of the potential fines. This case, and Uber’s punishment for not revealing that the breach had occurred, will hopefully give companies further warning of the risks posed by cyber-attacks, so that they take the security of the data they hold more seriously.”

By Kacy Zurkus

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