Malvertising Campaign Delivers Info-Stealer Plus Ransomware

Malvertising Campaign Delivers Info-Stealer Plus Ransomware

Security researchers have warned users of P2P sites of a new malvertising campaign featuring a twin threat: info-stealing malware and ransomware.

By registering rogue advertising domains, the attackers are able to direct torrent site visitors to two different exploit kits: Fallout EK and GrandSoft EK, according to Malwarebytes.

Those unlucky enough to be pushed according to geolocation to the Fallout EK will then encounter Vidar, an info-stealer available on the cybercrime underground for $700, according to the vendor’s security researcher, Jérôme Segura.

The malware will take system and victim details from the machine including specs, running processes, IP address and ISP, as well as more sensitive personal and financial info.

By Phil Muncaster

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