3 Simple Ways To Boost IoT Security

3 Simple Ways To Boost IoT Security

By 2024, we’re going to have more than 22 billion connected devices in the world, according to Ericsson projections. And that’s not even including smartphones. We’re talking connected cars, robots, shipping containers, agricultural fields, traffic systems and things we can’t even imagine yet. With all these IoT security becomes all the more important.

It’s a vast opportunity but it also brings vast risk. How do you keep billions of devices secure?  How about the networks they run on? How do you make sure the data you get from all those devices isn’t compromised?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but let’s look at three pillars of the new and comprehensive security approach necessary to make the IoT safe for business:

1.  Device security
Your smartphone is a trusted connected device. For example, it is generally the only device allowed easily on corporate networks, and 90 percent of Swedes between the age of 20-40 use a mobile-phone-based digital national identity system launched just seven years ago.


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