VOIPo Left 7 Million Logs Unencrypted with No Passwords

VOIPo Left 7 Million Logs Unencrypted with No Passwords

Another California-based communications provider has announced a potential security incident, as VOIPo confessed that it left a database containing seven million call logs, six million text messages and other internal documents containing unencrypted passwords unprotected without a password.

After security researcher Justin Paine notified the company, he wrote, “This database was promptly secured after I notified the company. I would like to thank VOIPo for their quick assistance in securing this data.”

In the security notice shared with customers, VOIPo wrote: “We were made aware of a development server that was exposed for a small window of time. When it was discovered, it was taken offline within 15 minutes of being notified by Cloudflare that they had discovered it. It primarily had some data for database load testing made up of call logs (partial numbers only), SMS messages our system flagged as SPAM and some general server log data.”

By Kacy Zurkus 

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