Cybersecurity technology acquisitions continue to grow.

Cybersecurity technology acquisitions continue to grow.

The cybersecurity technology sector continues to experience a wave of acquisitions. Leading technology vendors and security service providers continue to strengthen their portfolios by acquiring technology and capabilities to address opportunities in cloud security, threat detection, orchestration and automation.

Over the last 2-3 years, the cybersecurity sector has experienced significant acquisition activity. Within the last year, GlobalData has counted a minimum of five acquisitions per leading vendor for 2019. If we equate this in monetary terms external sources report that quarter one in 2019 on its own generated more than US$7Bn in deals. Investment in startups also continues to gain momentum with global investments totalling more than US$6Bn. All this indicates a real demand for cybersecurity to address the threats placed on IT systems globally across consumer, business and government entities.

By GlobalData Technology

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