Cyber security is getting risky (and that’s good news)

Cyber security is getting risky (and that’s good news)

The average enterprise is beset by millions of vulnerabilities—digital weaknesses that can make computer systems, networks, applications, and IoT devices susceptible to cyber attacks.  And as companies grow and their assets and networks proliferate, their attack surface grows with it.

This should be a sobering thought for any Security or IT team responsible for patching those digital holes ahead of the next malicious attempt, malware infection, DDOS attack or ransomware infiltration.  Since only 2% to 5% of all those vulnerabilities will probably emerge as legitimate threats to your IT environment, how can you know with confidence which is likely to be weaponized?

Well, you can’t. At least not without help. That’s why vulnerability management platforms are rapidly moving away from merely scanning and identifying vulns–an unhelpful “everything’s at risk” approach that led security and IT teams to try to patch all known vulnerabilities–to predict which vulnerabilities will pose a threat and then prioritizing those.


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