Companies Offer Free Cybersecurity Support to Combat Threats Posed by COVID-19

Companies are offering businesses free cybersecurity support as coronavirus scams proliferate and over-stretched healthcare providers become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Irish cybersecurity awareness training company Cyber Risk Aware announced yesterday that it would be providing free COVID-19 phishing tests for businesses. Companies are invited to run a phishing simulation in which up to 100 staff can learn how to avoid falling for COVID-19 lures.

Along with the free simulation, companies can download a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts designed to keep employees who are working remotely cyber-safe.

Cyber Risk Aware CEO Stephen Burke told Infosecurity Magazine: “As a former CISO I wanted to give something back to the community. When I read hospitals were crippled and turning COVID-19 patients away owing to ransomware having been installed by a COVID-19 phishing email, I said enough is enough.”

By Sarah Coble

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