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Role Description

We have openings for all grades (Junior to Senior) of consultant in our client’s London, Manchester and Basingstoke offices. Your role will involve carrying out penetration testing and security assessments right up to targeted attack simulations that may span several months.


They’d also love you to do some research to ensure your skills remain relevant in a fast paced world of security.


How you spend the rest of the time that’s not working with clients is your call. Our client has a commitment to research. Based on their skillset and inclination, our consultants get a percentage of their time dedicated to security research. Whether it is used to investigate new software, hardware or protocols, we encourage out team to push the boundaries of what is possible!


What do they need?


They solve complex cyber-security problems on a daily basis and to do that requires an interesting mix of skills. To be successful and help clients with their challenges we know you’ll need the following:


A passion for security!

You love computers, you love security and you love hacking things and solving problems. If this wasn’t your job it would be your hobby. Technical excellence. You know your subject area, but you will also know what that subject area is without us needing to say. You don’t just know how to run a port scan using nmap, you could code up your own tool to perform the port scan if you really needed to.



You’re not going to be told what to do all the time. You are capable of figuring out what spending time working is of benefit to clients and then run with it. With great freedom comes great responsibility and you seek out guidance from those around you when you need it.


Communication skills

How can value be added to clients organisations unless we can tell them what we did, how we did it, and how they can fix it? But communication also extends to sharing your knowledge with your colleagues and the wider industry.


More specifically at least one, preferably two, of the following:

  • WebApp Testing. You know your way around burp, and can do SQLi without using SQLmap.
  • Infrastructure Testing. You understand that this does not just mean running Nessus.
  • Mobile App Testing. You know that Drozer is the best tool ever for Android testing and you’ll also know what you’d use for testing on the other major platforms.
  • OSCP & OSCE won’t hurt your chances, CEH might.

Our client’s projects are most definitely not run of the mill tick box exercises, they don’t spend half our lives sat in datacenters and they don’t have arbitrary unrealistic constraints or timeframes imposed either. Their clients really care about security and recognise the value that letting you work to your full potential brings.


If a career like this sounds like the thing for you or you want to find out more then please contact us


Who we are…


Our client is a research-led cyber security consultancy working with clients around the world. They provide specialist advice and solutions on all areas of security, from professional to managed services through to commercial and open source security tools. Their focus is working with clients to develop and deliver security programmes, tailored to meet the needs of each individual organisation.


In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation is essential and their ambition is to push boundaries sets them apart. They are not satisfied with the first answer, they break things, reverse and research them until yhey have an understanding that is of real value. Central to this philosophy is the desire to deliver high quality cyber security consulting services and unsurpassed levels of support to their clients.


This is a great opportunity to work with some awesome people in a thriving business. If you have the ambition and expertise to fulfil this role then please contact us.

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Job CategoryCorporate Security, Cyber Security, Information Security
LocationsLondon, Basingstoke, Manchester

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