Faked NatWest, Halifax bank sites score REAL security certs

Netcraft wonders if CAs are taking verification rules seriously.
Simon Sharwood:
UK Banks Halifax and NatWest are among organisations targeted by fake sites that have won SSL certificates from certification authorities (CAs).
Netcraft says certifiers who should know better – such as Symantec, Comodo, CloudFlare’s certification partner GlobalSign and GoDaddy – have handed out certs to sites like natwestnwolb.co.uk. That site’s a faked attempt at luring traffic away from UK bank NatWest’s real online banking operation at www.nwolb.com. Another UK bank, Halifax, is flattered by the existence of fake site halifaxonline-uk.com. Someone’s trying to take a bit out of Apple at itunes-security.net, PayPal has to cope with emergencypaypal.net and phishers even think someone’s likely to have such fat fingers that they end up at btintranert.com.
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Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/


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