Google found 760,935 compromised web sites in a year

There’s a lot of lazy and/or lousy webmasters out there who don’t know they’re p0wned.

Google and university researchers say the tech giant found some 760,935 compromised websites across the web during a year-long research effort.

Google’s Eric Kuan; Yuan Niu; Lucas Ballard; Kurt Thomas, and Elie Bursztein joined the University of California, Berkely’s Frank Li, Grant Ho, and Vern Paxson in writing Remedying Web Hijacking: Notification Effectiveness and Webmaster Comprehension [PDF]

In it the team says the Choc Factory usually emails the admins of hacked sites operating its Search Console. It finds up to three quarters of admins will expunge malware when emailed, while about half act when their sites are painted with browser and search warnings.

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