South Yorkshire Police probe cyber attack on force website

South Yorkshire Police are investigating a cyber-attack on the force website which shut the page for several hours.

The website was hacked on Sunday by a group purporting to be from Albania.

During the hack the front page of the site was replaced with an Albanian banner and a series of images, including football fans at Euro 2016.

The force said no data was taken or compromised in the attack. The website was restored at about 15:00 BST.

A force spokeswoman said: “South Yorkshire Police are investigating after a reported hack of their website this weekend.

“The SYP website was affected yesterday for a couple of hours, meaning no pages could be accessed by the public.

“The website is now back up and running as normal. No data was taken or compromised during the incident.”

Last year, the Daily Mail reported a hack on Falmouth Town Council by the same group.