Pakistan Banks Not Breached, but Probably Skimmed

Pakistan Banks Not Breached, but Probably Skimmed

Pakistan’s central bank has sought to quash reports that the country’s lenders have been hacked en masse, following an apparent coordinated skimming campaign.

Mohammad Shoaib, head of the Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber-crime unit, apparently told two TV stations that “almost all” banks had been hacked, with a “large amount of money” stolen.

However, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) tweeted yesterday that it “categorically rejects reports of banks’ data being hacked.” It added later that “no #bank or law enforcement agency has provided any evidence/info about #databreach to #SBP as yet.”

It ‘clarified’ that just one bank had been hacked, although it’s unclear which lender this was.

By Phil Muncaster

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