Marriott Hackers Got Millions of Passports Numbers

Marriott Hackers Got Millions of Passports Numbers

The Marriott breach announced on November 30, 2018, was initially suspected to have compromised the data of nearly 500 million customers, but on Friday the Starwood company updated its database security incident advisory to reflect what it now believes to be a more realistic and slightly smaller number of guests that were impacted.

After weeks of data analysis, the company was able to eliminate duplicate information and formulate a more accurate upper boundary of approximately 383 million records compromised. However, Marriott said in the amendment to its original notice that it believes far fewer than that were actually compromised.

Marriott now believes that “there were approximately 8.6 million unique payment card numbers, all of which were encrypted [and] approximately 5.25 million unique unencrypted passport numbers and approximately 20.3 million encrypted passport numbers.”

By Kacy Zurkus 

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